Why us?

PROMAX company employs a highly specialized engineering and technical staff, which has extensive experience in the assembly of reinforced concrete structures. Prefabricated structures are characterized by a much shorter assemble time than the objects made in traditional ways. A direct result of such efficiency is more than twenty projects, that are already implemented; that includes the first polish super-modern stadium in Lubin.

Our priority is a continuous development and improvement of the quality of our services. We are open to new technologies used in the prefabrication, as well as we are constantly preparing for new challenges, that are yet to be met. We are keeping track of all kinds of technical novelties in the field of prefabrication, which helps us with a significant shortening of execution time and improves the safety of construction.

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PROMAX Marian Pisarski
Rakowice Wielkie 19
59-600 Lwówek Śląski

tel: 0 75 782 32 60
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e-mail: pisarski@promax.eu.com
"We create the future of construction"